This DARLING couple was absolutely smitten!  Can you tell?  All of the kissing  pics might give it away.  He he!  We had so so so much fun! I won’t even tell you how many pics I took that day.  I lost track because they were just so cute!  So… I have to admit something…. I am extremely indecisive.  Seriously, I flop in the wind.  It really makes my sweet DH crazy.  Well… one minute I say that newborn sessions are my favorite, then it’s weddings.  Well, this day engagement sessions were my fav for sure!! How do you not just love the LOVE?

I knew this handsome guy when he was a youth (haha…he still is a youth in my book)  Anyway, he was our home teacher. (it’s an LDS thing 😉 )  Such a great guy, truly!  I was thrilled for him when I saw him with this beauty.  She is an absolute DOLL.  I’m so happy for you both!  Can’t wait to do the wedding.  I’m sure weddings will be my fav that day!

Warning…. LOTS of smooching.:)

Darby - Va Va Voom! What a stunning couple and she is going to make an amazing bride! Great job Kathy way to knock it out of the ballpark! :)

Kim Turley - Wow!!! What an amazing job Kathy. Of course, the couple are adorable!!! Kim

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