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another Fun Family

Love these people!!  Here’s a family that have been friends of ours for years.  They are such neat people.  How cute is this, the dad surprised his wife with this photo session for her birthday.  He took her out for lunch and the daughters got in on the planning.  We surprised her at the resort […]

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Joy Williams - You are amazing with family sessions, Kathy. These are simply beautiful!

schooled by my sixth grader!

I’ve been so busy this week.  Yesterday, I didn’t make it to the gym, and so desperately needed it.  So, in the afternoon, I decided to go for a run.  My oldest said “Oh, I’ll go with you.”  How cute is that?  I thought, “how fun to go running with my boy.”  I also thought, “I can […]

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Candy - AHH! I love it. What a sweet boy you have. I remember him doubling back in a kayak on the river during a rainstorm to check on his Dad as well. What a sweet family you have!

I just love newborns, here is a super sweet one

I go to church with this beautiful couple.  It is so exciting to see them with their first little bundle of  preciousness.  I could do newborns everyday.  Nothing like it!  I think I make the session extra long on purpose.    He was 1 day shy of 3 weeks, so I was a bit worried […]

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Joy Williams - These are simply perfect. What a gorgeous family and darling little baby. These make my heart sigh.

lisa - wow – so real life! it’s like you’re right there. Beautiful Kath.

Cindy - Beautiful work, these are all so sweet, my fave is the 1st one!

jean smith - absolutely gorgeous!!!

Kelli - What a beautiful baby, and family! Great job.

breath – my little bro’s new song

My little bro just finisher his new song.  Thought I would share.  I was very impressed.  He’s been through a lot.  His dad, my step-dad, committed suicide 4 years ago.  He struggles with bipolar himself and recently came out of rehab.  I share that personal info, so you can understand the song better.  It looks like he […]

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Mindy Rosin - Hi Kathy, I don’t know if/when you’ll see this, but I would love to hear this song. As you know, I struggle with BP too so I assume I would enjoy this song.

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