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fab four

Yep… this family was fabulous!! I thoroughly enjoyed our session.  Before the session, they said they “were not the picture taking types”.  Well, they fooled me!  They were stunning, photogenic and fun! I love my job.

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whitney mccoy - Wonderful images! I think families with older kids can be harder sometimes, posing wise, and you rocked it!! Great job. :)

Joy - These are gorgeous and that light is absolutely yummy!

mini matthew mcConaughey

This cutie was SOOO much fun! I couldn’t get over how much he looked like a young “Matthew”.  I just loved his personality too.  He really had fun with the session.  I love it when the seniors really get into the session and “work it”.

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whitney mccoy - OMGosh these are amazing!! If I was his mom I would be soooooo insanely happy with these! Great job. :)

Joy - He seriously does! These are all so fantastic. He has some amazing eyes. Fabulous images, Kathy!


Loved this session with this darling senior.  She had so much personality, I loved seeing it come through in the pictures! Yes….. it is true, I’m actually making a blog post!! And many many more to come. I have LOTS of catch up to do.

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whitney mccoy - Beautiful!! Her outfit choices are GREAT and the escalator one is my fave!! Wonderful session!

Joy - She is gorgeous! I love the one on the escalator, fabulous!

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