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first day of school…..a month ago

So sad how my personal pics sit on the back burner.  I can’t believe I am just now posting this! Oh well, it is what it is.  The good news is I’m close to caught up on proofing.  !!! YAY! Now I just need to catch up on my blogging.  So, get ready for LOTS […]

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Darby - um…. when did they all get so grown up??? Awesome captures Miss Kathy!

Tyler - Yep, those are my kids. It is always something to send them off on their first day. Thank you for capturing them so well!! Loves…

wanna sit on my awesome couch?

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new couch!  I got this beauty from a thrift store for $25, yes I did say $25!! Isn’t is awesome?  So, if you want a session with my new little treasure, (ok, not so little) give me a call quick. It’s going to be too hot soon!

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Ruth Van Wie - How inventive with the couch. Your pictures are flawless. I have need seen such great photos. You are so talented!

Amy C - that rocks! And yes I would love a session on that couch! It was nice to see you woman!

katlin - im so jealous!

“Big Air” in Heaven

Sorry it has been slow around here.  If you are anxiously waiting for your pictures, I’m sorry.  I’m putting things on hold for a bit.  My sweet BIL, Trent Scoffield passed away on Friday, after a year long battle against Lymphoma.  When I first met Trent, we were in a singles ward together in CA […]

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Darby - Kathy,
Our thoughts and prayers are with the entire Scoffield family. We love you all.

Eleven going on Seventeen

My beautiful girl just turned eleven, well back in January but I am finally getting around to blogging it.   I can’t believe how grown up she is. Every now and then I look at her and get a glimpse of her as a teen. I can hardly handle the idea of it.  I really […]

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karla - looks like so much fun!

Annette Dickson - Aaaaw. She’s the cutest! And you totally described my oldest daughter with the jekyll and hyde syndrome. It’s so funny and great at the same time. And guess what, I have a boy turning 11 in about a week. We’ll have to keep that in mind 😉 Beautiful photos Kathy as always!

Darby - How on earth is little bones ELEVEN!!!!!! :) What a fun party idea! Seriously so fun and what cute girls! Way to be the “cool” Mom.

Nancy - What a fun party! The girls all look so cute, I can’t believe how old everyone is looking. Too fun, good job on the photos, love the bright colors.

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