schooled by my sixth grader!

I’ve been so busy this week.  Yesterday, I didn’t make it to the gym, and so desperately needed it.  So, in the afternoon, I decided to go for a run.  My oldest said “Oh, I’ll go with you.”  How cute is that?  I thought, “how fun to go running with my boy.”  I also thought, “I can take it easy, at least I’m getting out, and it would be worth it to go running with him.”  That boy left me in the dust!!!  I seriously would have been lapped by him if we were on a mile track.  I wish I had my camera, so I could do this post justice.  As I’m running,(well, somewhere between walking and jogging, HE was running)  I see him looking back at me to see how I’m doing.  He is so darling.  From my perspective, he was a tiny little ant at the end of the street.  Towards the end he started doubling  back to check on me.  LOL.  Then the final straw was, when I was on the last stretch, he comes riding up on his bike.

Candy - AHH! I love it. What a sweet boy you have. I remember him doubling back in a kayak on the river during a rainstorm to check on his Dad as well. What a sweet family you have!

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