jana & bandon… beautiful love

Jana and Brandon are SO darling together.  I loved to see her laugh and light up when he came near.  That’s really what it is all about.  I loved Jana’s style.  She accented the day with peacock feathers… gorgeous colors.  As I proofed these pictures, I was taken back by her beauty.  She is absolutely stunning.  It’s just not fair how some people are naturally photogenic.  Ok.. Brandon’s cute too, but you know, it’s all about the bride. 😉 My favorite thing about this day was the family, fun & love that surrounded them.  I almost felt guilty for calling it work.  I could “hang” with this family any day.  Lucky for me, I got to a few days later when I did their family pics… up next.

heather - I love these Kathy! The more I shoot the more I realize the simple images with spot on exposure and simple editing are the best ones! These are some of them!

for the love…

These beautiful sisters wanted to get something special for their mother’s birthday, so we got together for a session.  I love it when I work with families and I can literally feel the love they have for each other, it clearly stems from mom & dad.  Just look at them together!  So darn cute!  It actually made me excited for the day that I get to be a grandma, surrounded by my kids and grand-kids, and look into my sweethearts eyes with that kind of adoration. 

the bighams

Another fantastic family, talk about personality.  This is one of those families that I’ve know for quite a while, and have always wanted to photograph.  When they called for a session, I was thrilled.  They surely didn’t disappoint!  These little cutie pies were so fun! Little Miss certainly knows how to “work it”.  I think she gets it from mom.:) 

such a beauty

Another one that I love!  I am so lucky to be surrounded by such amazing youth.  It has been so fun to see beautiful M grow up before my eyes.  When she called for senior pictures I just couldn’t believe it.  I was her youth leader when she was 12, and in a blink she is graduating.  What a gorgeous young woman she has become!  She is one amazing girl, so talented and responsible.  Wish I had a son her age.  Seriously, I tear up just looking at these, when did this happen? My girl just turned twelve, is it really going to go this fast? Sigh…

Joy - Oh wow, these are so gorgeous!!! Love them, she has stunning eyes. Beautiful!

f a c e b o o k