all because… two fell in love

Here’s my favorite couple again.. celebrating their 60th anniversary and 80th birthdays with their loved ones.  It was such a beautiful evening, such a lovely family.



whitney mccoy - What a gorgeous family!! You did an amazing job on the group shots. They are all beautiful!

Joy - What an amazingly gorgeous family! As you said, isn’t it crazy to think it started with 2? Beautiful work, Kathy.

stephanie T - What a beautiful extended family, these are great!


yes.. she is!  Those wings are very fitting!  Just look at her, isn’t she yummy?  I just can’t get enough of this one.  Lucky for me I already have their next session scheduled.  Have I said recently how much I love my job?  I love getting to know families like this, that are such a delight…. and photogenic. Yeah, that’s a bonus.



whitney mccoy - Ahhh!!! I wanna take her home!! She’s adorable! Her eyes are amazing. I think #2 is my fave. Great job!!

Joy - Dying. This is the cutest baby EVER!! Her eyes are seriously stunning!!! Fabulous, fabulous captures!

stephanie T - She is gorgeous! I wish I could just cuddle her, what beautiful pictures!


I knew immediately that this family had hearts of gold.  I auctioned a session to help TEAM ASHER, and the Olimb family with their fight against CF.   The Boswell’s won the auction.   They were so sweet, kind and generous.  Their boys were darling too.  I just love my job and how it gives me the opportunity to know fabulous, beautiful people.


whitney mccoy - Love that family shot in the tunnel/under the bridge thing, and those sibling shots are great!!

Joy - This really is a beautiful family. Wonderful images, Kathy!

stephanie T - What good looking boys! Love these :)

celebrating 60 yrs of love

This session was priceless!! One of my all time favorites.  I adore this couple and their beautiful example of enduring love.  They were absolutely precious together.  Not only were they celebrating 60 yrs together, but they also just celebrated their 80th birthdays.  You would never know it, they are so spunky and full of character.  I wish I had images of this of my grandparents.  I can’t wait to celebrate 60 yrs with my sweetheart.  Ok.. I can wait, and I will cherish everyday until then.



whitney mccoy - Sooo sweet!!!! I love to see people who have been together this long STILL in love! They way they look at each other…. so sweet. <3

Joy - Oh my heavens, they are darling!!!

stephanie T - I love this, they are so sweet! I can’t wait until me and my hubby can celebrate 60 years together!

f a c e b o o k