super chubba-licious!!

Isn’t he just perfect?  I loved how preciously plump he was.  Just look at those cheeks!!!  I think he pulls at my heart strings because my little Noah had chubby cheeks too.  Wish I had pics like this of him, and all of mine, for that matter.  This family was so great!  Their beautiful home had windows that photographers dream of.  Their little girl was a doll!  I just love to see little 2 year olds with their new little siblings.  So sweet!  Well, it was in this case.  She wasn’t thrilled to be in the pics, but I think we got some cute captures anyway.  Especially some priceless ones of Dad reading to her while mom fed the babe.





kate - Kath! These are adorable! love them!

jean smith - mmmm…lovin this newborn session! that first one is just precious! oh, by the way, your profile pic is HOT!

Joy - Oh my goodness, what a DOLL! I am loving all that sweet little chub. The 4th one down is my fav, I am a sucker for that pose!

Shannon Dodge - Oh these are just gorgeous!!! LOVE the first one and the sibling shot. Awesome clarity!

my first belly to babe sessions – Isn’t he sweet?

It was so fun to do the sessions on both sides, belly to babe.  This is the babe from the “perfect belly” mom.  They are such a darling family and so fun to work with.  Big brother is just precious, you can tell he loves his new little brother.  The babe was simply sweet, just look at him.  Doesn’t he make you want another?  It did me, for a few minutes anyway.







Joy - I know them!! That baby is GORGEOUS!! I can’t handle it! I love these, Kathy, they are perfection, seriously. Oh, I am loving all that crazy cute hair. Darling!

Kelli Bramble - Oooh, I love myself a bendy newborn! What gorgeous shots!

blossom baby

I was recently in Utah for a Woman’s Conference and visiting family.  I couldn’t get over how beautiful spring is there!!  Remember, I’m from AZ, the contrast was shocking.  Anyway, I was in LOVE with all the blossoms, I wanted to take them home with me.  So, when my sister asked me to do a photo session with her new niece, I couldn’t resist.  I had them go out and cut down a blossom branch.  I have seen the hammock from a branch many times, kind of a new trend, but never a blossom branch. :)She was so precious.  I couldn’t believe how perfect she was.  Her beautiful dark hair and her plump little lips.  Ohhhh so sweet!  I loved ever minute of this session. img_3534-edit







Barbara - This made me want to have another baby!

Sheryll - Oh my gosh! Those first couple shots are so friggin’ cute!

Johanna - Kathy, these are adorable! I love the hammock shots and the ones with the parents are priceless. Nice work.

lisa - Perfect! Absolutely beautiful. You’re amazing.

Jen Stuart - Absolutely beautiful! I love your work!

kate - I adore them all but my favorites are the 1st, the 3rd and the pink flower one!

Darby - I’m loving these, that first shot is 100% perfect!

heather - ohmygosh! that first one is so pretty! Your lighting is flawless!!!

here’s a handsome little ham

This sweet little boy was acting like he didn’t want to take pictures.  Well, as soon as I picked up the camera, he was hamin’ it up for me.  He was hitting pose after pose with an aray of expression.  Seriously one of the easiest sessions ever.  He was a natural! img_3042-edit-b






Johanna - Handsome kid and beautiful work. The images really reveal a sweet personality. What a smart mama to get pictures of her boy at this wonderful age!

lisa - Love it Kath. What a cutie. Great backdrops!

Joy Williams - He IS handsome! Love the color and clarity on these, Kathy, they are fabulous!

kate & clint

I was just visiting my family in Utah  and had a chance to take some pics of my baby sister and her handsome husband.  (Sorry, Kate, You’ll always be my baby sister.  Love ya!)  I can’t even believe that she is married!  I’m so glad she is though,  she got quite a catch.  He is a gem and treats her so well.  He’s  a great Dad too!  Nice job Kate. 😉

Anyway, we had a blast out on our photoshoot.  Kate scouted out some cool areas in her hood before I got there.  She has quite the creative eye, I think she needs to get into photography too.  She’d be great.  As for the pics, there were too many to choose from, so here comes a mini gallery.


trina - FOR CRYIN’ OUTLOUD – these are fabulous… Kate, you look amazing, and your sister is SO good at capturing the essence… LOVE THESE!!!

lisa - Absolutely gorgeous! You look great Kate!

Joy Williams - These are stunning!! I love the locations, mind sharing? :)

f a c e b o o k