this little guy seriously kills me….

…with his ABSOLUTE ADORABLENESS!!  I have never seen such a smiley baby before.  It was the cutest thing EVER!  Seriously.  I’m in love!  This is my friend’s sweet little #5.  He has a favorite song.  I think it is quite telling as to the type of character he will have.  She sings “Chose the right way and be happy”  and he just grins ear to ear!  He didn’t like the basket much or the plate for that matter, but as soon as she sang the song, he just chose to be happy!  Absolutely adorable!  It was like a little smile button.  So check out this smiley little guy.









I had to post so many, so you could see that he was literally smiling the WHOLE time.

Joy - Oh my gosh…is this Kristen’s little boy? He is GORGEOUS!! These are amazing, Kathy!

~SarahInParis~ - Awesome images Kathy and you sure did you make that little man super happy! I agree they should be on a cover of a magazine somewhere!

Connie - These pictures belong on the cover of Parents magazine! I cannot believe how well you captured the sparkle in his eye. He is a very cute baby!!! I loved all the different back grounds and props that you used. These are photos to be treasured!

Tammy J - Oh MY!! What a happy little guy! And your clarity….Delish!

Cindy - Oh he’s so cute! Love his smiles and beautiful eyes, how adorable! Lovely skin tones and light.

jean smith - seriously…i don’t know if i have EVER known a baby who smiles that much in a session. either you are REALLY funny or that is the happiest kid on the planet! these are adorable!

Melanie - OMG could he be more expressive or any cuter????? What a great session, these are so bright and beautiful! WTG Kathy!

Adrian - Oh my!! That is probably the smiliest little guy I’ve seen!!! He’s precious and I love the pictures!!!

keri - Kathy, these are so way cute! Both your pictures and the smile on his face! You captured his personality so well. I love your work!

Barbara - Impressive Kathy! Who would have guessed you’d be so good at this? I will be back again as I find these as enticing as Anne Geddes photos.

Brooke - These are totally cute!! I love how sharp they are and the skin tone is so yummy and creamy! Great job!!

Kristen - One of the cutest I have ever seen, if I don’t say so myself. And no, I am not partial just because I am his mom. Great job capturing him!!!!

too cute for words

This is my cute SIL and her adorable little family!!  We had so much fun at our family reunion this summer.  I stole them one afternoon for a little photo shoot.   Aren’t they so cute?





Brooke - How did I not see this post? This little boy is to die for, what a cute family. I love everything about these pictures!

Melanie - OMG they’re super de duper adorable, awesome color, Kathy!!!

kate - Stinking cute!

stacey - Yes they ARE so cute! Thank you…Love them.

Joy - Darling family!! These are so bright and crisp, Love them Kathy!

erin fonnesbeck - Oh, these are awesome! What a darling family! Your exposure is fantastic!

blond beauties

I had the pleasure of doing a session with this stunning family.  Check out these beautiful blond babies.  They were such a fun, loving family.  Thanks!  Enjoy your pictures!








Brooke - I love these!!

Jen S. - Love it! You did great work again, Kathy!

Joy - Ohhhh this family is GORGEOUS! The one of mom and dad together is so beautiful, I love it!! You did a fabulous job with them, they are all so gorgeous.

my cute crew headed to school

Where did the summer go?  These cuties are growing up oh so fast!!  Here they go, off to another year of school.  Aren’t they adorable?  I think so!






Barbara - Simply beautiful children! Great job at capturing their sweet smiles.

cherie scoffield - I’m THEIR grandma in CA. : )

stacey - very cute kathy! I miss them all so much. Summer did fly by!

You’re kids will love it when they are older seeing all these pictures. Great memories.

jean smith - yeah, i forget how early school starts in arizona. your kids are adorable!!!!

my dear friend Darby and her cute crew

This is my photography “partner”, Darby.  We have been close friends for a long time.  We started photography about the same time, ok, she started first and pointed me in the right direction.:)We don’t live near each other, but have shared many proofing nights on the computer together.  She recently had me come 2nd shoot a wedding with her and we had a chance to do a session of her cute family.  They are so fun!  It was great to do a session with someone that shares the same passion and has the same vision.  LOVE them!  Check out her site







Love them , but you already knew that ! :)

Can’t wait to get them printed BIG on my walls! :)

Tammy J - These are all soooo fantastic! Your colors are so rich!

~SarahInParis~ - Fabulous images Kathy your friend must be thrilled. So many great ones to choose from – great work! (Love the vibrancy!!)

Joy - Oh, these are darling! They are seriously a gorgeous family with such great style. Fabulous!

Kelli Bramble - What a cute family!! Love all the bright colors!

f a c e b o o k