pure preciousness

You may remember this sweet little guy from my belly to baby post.  He is already 3 months, and what a cutie!  I got the sweetest little smiles out of him!  It is so fun to have clients that I get to follow through the stages.  While the baby was eating, I grabbed big brother for a few shots.  OH MY, he sure is handsome!  Look at those eyes.







jean smith - mmmm…so crisp and beautiful. love these!!!

Heather - so cute! your exposure and clarity are perfect!

Amy C - Kathy- SERIOUSLY….you have such beautiful pure lighting! I love to look at your pictures! You ROCK sister love! Beautiful and stunning as always!

Brooke - Yes, these are fabulous. Love them all :) Adorable kiddos!

Britney Barker - I cannot get over the lighting in these, just beautiful!

Becky Wilson - Gorgeous!

Joy - Kathy, these are absolutely stunning. There is no other word but just…wow.

Shay Voorhees - Oh my, what a doll!! Seriously, the eyes…and that soft skin *sigh* so lovely.

a special day

I was so honored to be a part of this beautiful family’s special day.  The mother was stunning.  Just look at her!  She reminded me of a red haired Julia Roberts.  And this little baby was to die for adorable.  It was absolutely precious how he would turn and look at me, and give me perfect eye contact, throughout ceremony.  Then his mom had pointed out the painting of Jesus on the ceiling, and he kept looking up and pointing to him.  It just melted my heart.  It was such a neat ceremony.  Thanks again for letting me be a part of this memorable experience.






Britney Barker - Beautiful, you colors are so rich.

Joy - You captured some beautiful moments!

my sassy sister’s bridals

When I say sassy I mean “hip”  “stylish” and basically “cute”.  This is my baby sister Kate and she is definitely all of the fore-mentioned AND a bit “sassy” sassy too.:)  J/K  LOL!  Love you Kate!  Seriously though, these first pic are sassy in all definitions of the word.  You are too cute!  I had so much fun with her this day.  On her wedding day, it went so fast, we didn’t get a chance to do “bridals”.  So now, 2 years latter, we decided to do some while I was visiting for the summer.  She brought another super “sassy” friend (who just dressed up for fun)  and I brought some photog friends, and we had a fun evening  doing bridals.  The location was to die for,  The International Peace Gardens.  Wish I had a location like this in AZ.   So even though these bridals weren’t REALLY bridals, it was to celebrate something special.  She, her husband and precious babe were going to go to the temple shortly after this shoot.  I have those pics coming soon!  This is how behind I am:(6530b






And here’s Tesha, a serious DOLL! Loved her!


katlin - I adore you!
thank you so much! yes that was such a fun day!

Annette Dickson - How fun! What a gorgeous location. Your sister is darling!!!

Joy - These are gorgeous! Kathy, you seriously rock.

baby blues

Check out these adorable kids and their  beautiful baby blue eyes.  Aren’t they super duper cute?  He just adores his baby sister, such a sweetie. 7212b7216b7251b7312b7313b

Annette Dickson - ditto to Joy’s comment…the 2nd one of her laying on her back is my favorite. You really capture the innocence of children!

Joy - Oh my goodness, what darling children! Love the bright, crisp colors, Kathy. Fabulous.

beautiful baby “G”

I have lots of catch up to do!  It has been a while since I have blogged.  Here is a sweet little baby that I loved working with!  She was quite sleepy but oh so sweet!  She gave me some super cute looks.  I adore the strawberry hair and gorgeous eyes! 7545b7449b7427b

Annette Dickson - Those eyes!!!

Joy - Ohhhhhhhhh my heart!! I cannot believe how big she is. She is gorgeous and so are these pictures. Fab!

f a c e b o o k