Super fun family

I had so much fun with this  family!  They were so comfortable and easy going.  This is a family that you can tell has a good time together.  Look how handsome these boys are!!  These brothers have the same age difference as me and my little sister.  He was so sweet with his little brother, it was precious.  I love when you meet someone for the first time and you feel like you’ve known them longer.







erin fonnesbeck - Wow! These are beautiful! I love that third one… very sweet!

joanna taylor - Gorgeous family and location. Love them Kathy!

Britney Barker - So cute, that last on is TDF! :)

Kelli Bramble - What a beautiful family! Love #2!

kat - love them!
and i see you have a new watermark :) i like it

Cindy - Gorgeous family and awesome location! Love #3 and the last one!

Shannon Dodge - What a cute family! That last shot is absolutely adorable. I bet they will love the first family shot!!

Joy - What a gorgeous family! Love your colors and clarity. I especially just love that last one- the feel and how you processed it…beautiful!

cutest cousins

The first two cuties were my daycare babies.  I watched little miss “K” from 3 weeks old to 4yrs and little handsome “C” from 6 week to 6 month.  I adore them and miss them to pieces!!  We did a little session with them while their cousins were in town.  They are just too precious together.  Little “C” wasn’t really in the mood, but he came around.











Sheryll - These are great, but I do have to say that I LOVE the close-up shots! :)

Nancy - Kathy! You are so good, all your pictures are amazing and I’m so impressed with your skills. I heard about the ward split, so sad, hopefully you still get to see everyone. Anyway I’m just checking in on you, hope you’re doing well.

Britney Barker - Darling kiddos, very nice!

Annette Dickson - Wow! Incredible. Love the colors and the backdrop and the sparkling eyes. Such cute kids!

katlin - gorgeous! love these!


Vanessa contacted me to do some head shots for her design blog.  She is quite a crafty, talented gal.  You can check out her blog here.

Here are her pics.




Annette Dickson - Kathy you’re so good at the whole package, choosing locations, colors, making everyone look perfect and flawless. These are beautiful!

Sharon - great headshots!

beautiful bride

I love this girl!  She is so photogenic!  As soon as they walked in for the initial consultation, I just knew we were going to get some beautiful pictures.  She is such a doll, just so sweet.  I keep getting comments about her eyes from their fun e-session. Well, here are some more beautiful eye shots.  Just 2 more weeks until the wedding.  Can’t wait it will be such a fun day.








Oakstream Photograph - Oh she is so pretty!!!!

Britney Barker - She’s just beautiful. Love these.

Annette Dickson - Wow. You’ve been busy. Gorgeous pictures of a beautiful bride! love her ring too.

katlin - stunning!
love the eyes! and the ring shot!

Sharon - what gorgeous eyes! you did a beautiful job!

Sweet Love

This couple was  SO MUCH FUN to shoot!  I just loved how these turned out!! Aren’t they just adorable?  I could feel the love when they looked at each other, those were my favorite shots.  They must be crazy busy! The wedding is just around the corner!  I can’t wait. I can tell it will be such a beautiful wedding.  I’m thrilled to be part of their special day!!













jean smith - these are some of my very favorites of yours! so crisp and beautiful. that first one…ahhh…stunning.

katlin - KATH!!! so beautiful!
you really do stunning work!
love the eyes! gorgeous warm light in the last kiss!
adore the red dress,nails,roses and the chicken!!!

JoDee - What a fun, stylish couple! These are great! Love the poses, the emotion you caught, the color…fantastic job!

Britney Barker - These are sooo great Kathy!

pinecone camp - I found you through Designs By Vanessa. The photos you took of her are so pretty. You obviously have a knack for making people comfortable and bringing out the best in them. Nice work!

Stephanie T - I love this session… honestly one of my favorite engagement sessions that I have seen in a long time. BEAUTIFUL!!!

Brooke - Beautiful Kathy.. these are awesome. Gorgeous couple!

Mary T - You capture them beautifully!!! Such crystal clear photography!!! Love it!!!!

laura - Incredible! Gorgeous photos!

shannon dodge - Oh wow…these are amazing! I love them and you can just see the love this couple has for eachother! AWESOME job!

erin fonnesbeck - Wow! They are a crazy beautiful couple! These are amazing pictures. Great work!

Kelli Bramble - What a gorgeous couple…these are just stunning Kathy! Love the flare you caught.

f a c e b o o k