first day of school…..a month ago

So sad how my personal pics sit on the back burner.  I can’t believe I am just now posting this! Oh well, it is what it is.  The good news is I’m close to caught up on proofing. :)!!! YAY! Now I just need to catch up on my blogging.  So, get ready for LOTS of posts.

So, back to my cutie pies…..  Aren’t they ADORABLE?  They started new schools this year, with uniforms! Can I just say how much I LOVE uniforms!  No more hours of deliberation on what to wear or mornings searching for a specific outfit.  I’m sure you can’t guess which one of these sweeties was my wardrobe pain in the neck.  Actually, my younger son is a close runner up.  I LOVE the uniforms, but even more I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new schools and teachers.  The kids are loving them too.  They have a lot more homework, but they don’t even complain because they like it so much.  I am so proud of them and their attitudes.  It is a scary thing trying something new, but they have embraced the change straight on without hesitation.  I love them so much.  Crazy love!

Darby - um…. when did they all get so grown up??? Awesome captures Miss Kathy!

Tyler - Yep, those are my kids. It is always something to send them off on their first day. Thank you for capturing them so well!! Loves…

stylin’ parties

A friend of mine, Toni is one of the AWESOME designers for the FABULOUS blog The TomKat Studio .  I was honored when she asked me to come capture the details of the AMAZING Surf Birthday party she did for her GORGEOUS twins. It was so fun!!  I couldn’t believe the detail.  These gals are so talented!! Go check them out.  Here’s the party.

Chris Culver - I know I’m your Mother, but I have a college degree in alternative photography from the University of Utah 2004…So I’m telling you your one of the best I’ve seen and that’s the professional truth! Love Mom

Tyler - Looks like a very fun party!


This DARLING couple was absolutely smitten!  Can you tell?  All of the kissing  pics might give it away.  He he!  We had so so so much fun! I won’t even tell you how many pics I took that day.  I lost track because they were just so cute!  So… I have to admit something…. I am extremely indecisive.  Seriously, I flop in the wind.  It really makes my sweet DH crazy.  Well… one minute I say that newborn sessions are my favorite, then it’s weddings.  Well, this day engagement sessions were my fav for sure!! How do you not just love the LOVE?

I knew this handsome guy when he was a youth (haha…he still is a youth in my book)  Anyway, he was our home teacher. (it’s an LDS thing 😉 )  Such a great guy, truly!  I was thrilled for him when I saw him with this beauty.  She is an absolute DOLL.  I’m so happy for you both!  Can’t wait to do the wedding.  I’m sure weddings will be my fav that day!

Warning…. LOTS of smooching.:)

Darby - Va Va Voom! What a stunning couple and she is going to make an amazing bride! Great job Kathy way to knock it out of the ballpark! :)

Kim Turley - Wow!!! What an amazing job Kathy. Of course, the couple are adorable!!! Kim

adorable x2

I LOVE LOVE LOVE newborn sessions!! Now I have a new fav… twin sessions.  Could anything be more precious?  Ummm No! Well maybe triplets.:)Anyone having some?:)

These adorable little babes were so  so so good.  They even gave me “The Pose” together at the same time!!

YAY!! I think I actually squealed and clapped my hands during the session.

matt - Well, as someone with 2 year old twins (one of each), I’ll just say that these are indeed beautiful shots. I do wish we had similar shots of ours from that age.

Well done.

(Hi from someone who spent a month with Tyler in Montelimar, Guadelupe… :) )

Tyler - Hey any chance we can have a couple of those??

lisa - These are unreal, Kath. Seriously, so amazing.

Darby - on that last one is making me want another baby (or two!) You are awesome girl in these captures, they are perfection!!!! What sweeties and how fun to shoot newbie twins!

f a c e b o o k