fun family

I love doing extended family sessions, I think because I love having family all together.  I wish I had all our extended family near by so we could gather and enjoy one another frequently.  Maybe this fabulous family will let us crash their fun.  Can you imagine all the fun getting these cousins together?  They were all troopers this day.  It was absolutely sweltering.  I think it was easily the hottest session I’ve ever done, over 115.  They wanted to get pictures before the oldest grandchild headed off to college and now he is headed to Spain for his mission.  Love ya Trevor!

Happy New Year

AHHH!  I think I survived!  I want to have a shirt made that says ” I survived the 2010 Holiday Season”.  It was so jam packed busy with wonderful clients, friends family and celebrations.  Oh, and LOTS and LOTS of pie!  WAY too much pie!  My DH has always been into making his perfect pie over the holidays, but this year it was just out of control.  Can you guess what my 1st NY resolution is?  Love January and fresh starts.  One of my many goals is to catch up on my blogging.  This poor neglected blog show’s just how crazy it has been, I haven’t posted in over 2 months!!   So sorry, but getting pictures proofed and back in time for Christmas cards came first, and let’s just put it out there, I’m not a great multi-tasker.

So here it goes, I am going to have a posting marathon, so stay tuned! This first one goes back to September.  Yes people, I am THAT far behind. But this one is worth the wait.  I’m a bit biased as an aunt though.  This is my precious little nephew, we call him lil’ EZ.  I couldn’t believe how amazing he was.  I couldn’t get enough of him and I won’t even say how long his sessions were. :)Yes, I said plural.  I love this little guy, can’t wait to see him again.

Holiday Hope Mini-Sessions

Ok  people… The Goose is Getting Fat!!!  Growing up, we loved to listen to John Denver & Muppets Christmas music during the holiday season.  So this time of year, when I start seeing signs of Christmas, I hear (in my head) Miss Piggy & The Muppets singing “Christmas is coming… the goose is getting fat, please put a penny in the old man’s hat”   This can actually trigger a panic attack that Christmas is right around the corner. LOL!  Not really, but kind of. 😉

So…. for all of you that have been MEANING to book your holiday family pictures, but just haven’t done so yet, start singing that song in your head and give me a call.:)I am running low on time slots so I decided to offer some mini-sessions AND support a great cause.

I will offer a handful of mini-session THIS Saturday, Nov 6th.  (My way of ignoring my big 40 b-day, and live in denial. Hehe) I may be able to squeeze in a few more this month, so contact me if this Sat doesn’t work.  I can also squeeze in about 2 more full sessions, so let me know SOON.

Here’s some info on the  HOPE of the sessions.  There is a fundraiser for some dear friends of mine (the cute fam in the flyer pic).  See info and details here I will be donating $50 from ea. mini-session booked in Nov.

Time slots for Saturday Nov 6th: (Crossed out times are taken, leave a comment to pick a time, and email me through contact link.)

8:00 am

2:00 pm

2:45 pm

3:30 pm

4:14 pm

f a c e b o o k