Eleven going on Seventeen

My beautiful girl just turned eleven, well back in January but I am finally getting around to blogging it.:)  I can’t believe how grown up she is. Every now and then I look at her and get a glimpse of her as a teen. I can hardly handle the idea of it.  I really do wish I could freeze time.  I LOVE this age. She is so sweet and helpful.  She has become the baker in the family and will graduate to cook, if I have anything to do with it.  WAHOOOO!  She is mostly kind and loving to her little sister.  Best of all, she surrounds herself with REALLY GREAT friends.

This year for her birthday, she had the great idea of doing a photo shoot birthday party!  Where in the world did she come up with that???  Anyway, it was soooooo fun! These girls had a blast.  Aly had a scarf she got for Christmas and loved, so she coordinated the colors with her friends around the scarf. Too cute!

If you were to meet Aly and observe her at school or church you would see her as polite, reserved, shy, poised, and even timid.  If you take her out of any public setting and surround her with her good friends something happens that we call the Jekyll and Hyde syndrome.  She turns into a spastic, obnoxious, hyper, silly girl that loves to maul people.  As you can see in the evidence below.



karla - looks like so much fun!

Annette Dickson - Aaaaw. She’s the cutest! And you totally described my oldest daughter with the jekyll and hyde syndrome. It’s so funny and great at the same time. And guess what, I have a boy turning 11 in about a week. We’ll have to keep that in mind 😉 Beautiful photos Kathy as always!

Darby - How on earth is little bones ELEVEN!!!!!! :) What a fun party idea! Seriously so fun and what cute girls! Way to be the “cool” Mom.

Nancy - What a fun party! The girls all look so cute, I can’t believe how old everyone is looking. Too fun, good job on the photos, love the bright colors.

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