double de-lish

Oh man!  Let me say it AGAIN…. I love me a precious little new one!  The smell, the squishi-ness, I could just gobble ’em up.  Here I have two simply DELICIOUS babes.  They were perfect little angels.  Yes, they gave me “The Double Pose”.  It just makes me giddy. Truly!  Nothing is more adorable.  They even gave me a huge smile.  A smile on a fresh one is rare.  To capture it, is even more rare, but to get BOTH of them to do it, is just priceless.  I guess they are already one-up-ing each other.:)The competition is going to be fierce.  They surely wont have to compete for parents love though.  These sweet parents were gushing with love.  It was actually the dad’s voice that got these little guys to bust out the ear-to-ear smiles they each gave me.

Jessica Purtymun - Those babies are beautiful! I love all the pictures on the blog!!

Leann Welton - Your photos are soooooo cute. I have never seen baby photo’s quite the way you have done them….Made me want to have another one…..So cute!

Jenny Sheppard - Amazing pictures! I love love love your newborn shots. I wish I had known you when my twins were babies. :-)

Mindy - wow! these babies are absolutely gorgeous! somehow you manage to make the sweetest even sweeter kathy-nice work!

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