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rembember this gorgeous family…

These are some friends of mine, I took their pics last year too. Aren’t they just beautiful? We had a great time with this session.  They are so fun and cute together. Gotta love the sibling love

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erin fonnesbeck - I LOVE the color in these! Stunning family!

katlin - You are SO great I cant stand it! love these shots!

Joy - Oh my wow. This family is utterly, utterly gorgeous and their images? SOOOOOO beautiful. You are amazing, Kathy!

joanna taylor - Oh! Picture perfect family. I adore them, and I don’t even know them!

Lisa M - Love these! Your colors are awesome! Such a beautiful family too!

Kelli - What a gorgeous family! I seriously love each one of these shots. Love the colors they wore!

Tammy J - What a darling family and great location! These photos are beautiful Kathy!!

Britney Barker - Kathy your work is fab! Love all of these, the sibling love ones are my favorite! :)

Gorgeous Red

I have been stealing pictures of these cuties for a couple of years now. Whenever I caught them at a park day or swim meet, I just couldn’t resist.  I LOVE to photograph red haired beauties!!  So when she called for a session I was SO excited.  Just look at them, you can see why.   […]

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katlin - Have I told you how much I Love Love Love these?!

Joy - These are beautiful, Kathy! What a gorgeous family.

Lisa M - These are amazing! What a gorgeous family! The location is so perfect!!

Amy C - seriously kathy you take such beautiful images!!! gorgeous lighting, everything! you are amazing I hope you know that! i hope your family had a wonderful thanksgiving. thinking you guys!

erin fonnesbeck - Kathy, this is such a gorgeous family! How did you get so lucky??? Great job on these… they are absolutely lovely.

THE wedding

So here it is….. the wedding of that GORGEOUS, ADORABLE, FUN  couple.  I had so much fun being a part of their special day.  She was simply radiant and he was plain smitten.  The setting and the details were breathtaking.  I was so thankful to have my friend and photog partner there with me to […]

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katlin - Ok I Cant believe I have not commented on this AMAZING wedding!
SO perfect! Love your details! Beautiful kath!

Nancy - Kathy, I am so impressed! You are awesome, what a fun wedding, I wish I had that great of pictures from my wedding, makes me want to do it all over again!

Jen Stuart - Absolutely gorgeous! Once again, you are amazing!

erin fonnesbeck - These are absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!

Lisa M - Beautiful work! I just love them all!

Kristen - Super pictures!!

Anna - These are so fun! You did awesome, I love them all. They seem like a really fun couple!

JoDee - So great Kathy! What a good looking couple. Fantastic work!

Melissa Davis - Oh these turned out gorgeous!

Joy - Oh my gosh, Kathy! These are UNBELIEVABLE! I am just floored by the beauty. Your images are so clean, crisp, and bright, I could stare at them all day. This wedding was beautiful, love those golfing pictures, too cute!

Lindsey - Wow, you did an awesome job! These are gorgeous!

Candy - You are amazing Kathy! These make me want to get married again just so you can do the photos. Beautiful!

Kelli - What a gorgeous wedding..Beautiful couple, and you captured them perfectly! Love these, Kathy!

Britney Barker - oh yes! I remember this couple. What gorgeous pictures, you did fantastic! :)

sweet little baby “E”

This little sweetie pie was absolutely perfect for our session.  He was 3 weeks old when we did his session, but he was about 6 week premature, so he was still so tiny and sleepy.  I think he really liked my new heating pad and my blow dryer, he just let me do whatever I […]

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karla - Those picture are precious! You are so talented, great work. I love the vibrancy of the photos.

Leslie - WOW!! Those kids just keep getting CUTER AND CUTER and their parents are nothing to sneeze at either!! And Kathy knows just what to do to make them look their best!

Mark - You were incredible Kathy. You were patient and took every measure to make sure baby E was comfortable. Thanks again!

katlin - stunning work! just beautiful!

Joy - He is just so precious, Kathy. Fabulous work.

erin fonnesbeck - This is a BEAUTIFUL session!!!!!!!

AmyLynn Blake - These are beautiful!! Love the second one of his sweet little face and the one with all the kiddos — it’s so dang cute how the brothers are holding his hand and touching his chest… love it!

remember the super smiley baby…

Well, he is still stinkin’ adorable!!!  He wasn’t quite as smiley as last time, but he was still SUPER happy and cute.  Just look at those beautiful baby blue eyes and his hip hair style. And here’s that precious laugh we remember, and yes, his mom was singing again.

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erin fonnesbeck - Darling stuff! Love his smile!!!!

Brooke - What a cutie! These are wonderful!!

Britney Barker - These are perfection!!! Every single one! What a handsome little guy.

Sharon - what a cute little guy! love his eyes and little smile!

Joy - Oh my gosh, he is just so sweet. Fabulous, Kathy!

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